Registration opens August 15th!

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Let them PARTY!

What is Grad Night?

After the graduation ceremony, the grads are whisked away to a secret location where they have fun, play, swim, eat, dance and hang out with 400 of their closest classmates until sunrise. That’s right, 400 grads at a cost of $100 a grad for the night! It is one big bash but it may be the last time they are together as the Mac High graduates of 2020!


Reserve a Tote!

For just $100 (the complete cost for one graduate to attend the grad night party), you can reserve a tote for up to 6 people!

Enjoy a VIP entrance line, have a sign on your tote with you “Tote Team Name”, and receive a special commemorative Team Photo from the 2019 Grizzly Grape Stomp.

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Why $35?

The cost of a grad night ticket is $35. But, if a grad cannot buy a ticket, the grad night committee steps in to purchase a ticket so everyone who wants to go, can.

So consider a donation of $35 to the Grad Night scholarship all grads can afford to attend!